Our Commitment

Our Owner-Operators share the following commitment to child safety:

  • The health, safety and wellbeing of children will always be our first priority; it is fundamental to their ability to learn and develop.
  • We are an advocate for children and committed to upholding their human rights, including their right to be heard. We listen to and encourage children to express their views, thoughts and concerns.
  • We support and respect all children.
  • We are committed to establishing and maintaining an environment that fosters children’s health, development, spirituality, self-respect and dignity that is free from violence, trauma and exploitation.
  • We provide a safe and inclusive environment for all children and families. We value diversity and have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind.
  • We have zero tolerance for child abuse. All allegations and safety concerns will be treated seriously and consistently, in line with our comprehensive Child Protection policies and our legal and moral obligations.
  • Partnerships with families are key to providing positive outcomes for children. We are committed to shared responsibility with families for children’s health, safety, wellbeing and development.
  • We are committed to ongoing professional development for our employees, to maintain their ability to recognise and respond to situations of abuse and neglect.