At Connecting Dots Foundation, we aim to foster a lifelong love for learning in the children in our care. The renowned Reggio Emilia philosophy supports this goal, offering children an opportunity to learn through play and exploration, developing valuable skills in the cognitive, social-emotional, fine and soft motor areas with the environment as their third teacher. Despite the amazing benefit and tangible impact incorporating this philosophy into children’s programming can have on a child’s development, the philosophy is far too often misunderstood or misused.

At Connecting Dots Foundation, we recognize that to have successful inclusive environments we need to create opportunities for inclusion. Connecting Dots Foundation is committed to supporting inclusion by providing information, advice and training. Support can promote inclusion and can help children and families to be ready to share and thrive in everyday and community life. Connecting Dots Foundation has been involved in a number of collaborative community projects to promote community inclusion in key areas including sport, in the early childhood/school setting, with playgrounds and community events and activities. We work in partnership with community groups, schools and councils to achieve this.