Why Join Us

As a member of CDF, your commitment and dedication to your career is valued and appreciated. We recognise the professionalism of our teams results in high quality environments that offer children the best start in life. We offer a professional and supportive workplace environment with ongoing professional development opportunities. Collectively, CDF services employ over 100 professionals in leadership and Educator roles with qualifications ranging from Early Childhood Educators, Diploma and Certificate holders. All of our services are owned and operated by qualified Early Childhood professionals who are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of their teams and highly value their hands-on role, on-site within the service they have founded.

We Strive To Provide:

  • Professional supportive workplace environments with opportunities for development and career advancement.
  • Guidance and support from our Owner/Operators, Nominated Supervisors, Educational Leaders and Operations Managers who have extensive experience in the Early Childhood Learning and Care sector.
  • Leadership and management programs that assist participants to manage and deliver high-quality Early Childhood Learning and Care services.
  • A leadership program in partnership with RDP & NWP that identifies emerging leaders, supporting those with the potential to continue to grow and thrive to step up and succeed well into the future.
  • Regular face-to-face and virtual Nominated Supervisor or Educational Leader meetings where they can connect, network, extend their thinking, develop knowledge and skills, collaborate and support each other.
  • An Annual Educator Conference where Educators come together to collaborate, learn and participate in personal and professional development workshops provided by the sector’s experts.
  • Fully supported and funded traineeships, partnering with key registered training organisations. Each trainee is mentored and assessed in their service by a qualified CDF Operations Manager.
  • Exceptional ratios that are upheld by qualified Early Childhood professionals.
  • Curriculum development cover and support on-site.
  • A well-being program that provides external mental health support and counselling.

The Benefits of Joining CDF

Supportive Workplace: At CDF, we ensure you feel supported in your career. We believe in positive reinforcement and always encouraging your greatest strengths.

Professional Development: Our commitment to ongoing professional development through our Explore & Develop learning and development programs.

Staff Events: Our annual Educator conference, annual Excellence Awards and integrated service tours are highly beneficial for development, growth and collaboration.

Shared Knowledge: Our diverse talent pool of industry leaders will guide you to reach your full potential.

Experience: We take pride in our hand-picked team of qualified Operations Managers. They all possess extensive experience in the Early Childhood sector.

Career Advancement: We offer development and career advancement opportunities to our dedicated employees.