CDF Franchising

Why should you invest in Childcare and Early Learning instead of other industries?

Quite simply, the Childcare and Early Learning industry is virtually recession-proof because it is based around an essential need, not a want!

Just put yourself in the shoes of working parents with children.

What is the last thing you would stop doing if money was tight?

  • Having the dog washed by someone else?
  • Eating out at restaurants?
  • Having your lawn mowed by someone else?
  • Having your house cleaned once a fortnight?
  • Paying your yearly gym membership?
  • Leaving your child in childcare so that you can go to work and earn money?

The answer is obvious. However much we enjoy our creature comforts, when money is tight, some things just take priority. And the biggest priority of every parent is their children.

Isn’t Childcare and Early Learning a highly regulated sector within the business world and our economy?

Yes, and so it should be. We are trusted with looking after and nurturing your precious babies while you go to work. You want to be sure that your children are under the care of qualified people who know what they are doing and who can nurture the social, spiritual, physical, and cognitive development of your children in these important formative years before they are off to ‘big school’.

A Childcare and Early Learning business must

  • Provide an education curriculum that complies with the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Have a physical building that complies with the National Construction Code for childcare.
  • Be a qualified Approved Provider, licenced to operate the centre.
  • Have an approved supervisor present at all times.
  • Follow clearly defined supervision ratios.
  • Have carefully planning menus and dietary considerations for feeding children every day.

So, although the Childcare and Early Learning industry is highly attractive for investment, could you imagine trying to grasp all of this on your own?

Fortunately, you don’t have to.


A service in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector is one of the most rewarding businesses to own and operate, both personally and professionally. Fewer business opportunities can be as satisfying and rewarding as nurturing, developing and shaping our future generations. Every day our Franchisees, their team and our Support Office strive to provide children with the best possible start in life.

Quality inclusive care in the first five years of a child’s life is crucial to their development and wellbeing as, during this time, children learn at a faster rate than at any other stage in their lives. These years are a crucial period where children develop the foundations of their social, emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing for life. Early Childhood Education and Care is critical to the employment of Canadian families, which in turn assists in driving economic growth, boosting Canada’s financial security and improving social, health and economic outcomes for families. The Federal & Provincial Governments continues to invest in the sector in the form of subsidies and incentives to Canadian families.

The Early Childhood Learning and Care sector is in high demand in key areas of Canada and is experiencing strong business growth.


Connecting Dots Canada Day-care Corp locations are privately owned and operated by Franchisees who appreciate and value the contribution that high quality Early Childhood Learning and Care makes to children, families and the local community. Our franchise business model enables people with a passion to manage, develop and support a team of highly qualified Educators and nurture children’s potential, to be hands-on Owner-Operators. Trading under the same successful, and well respected Connecting Dots brand, they receive professional training, ongoing support and advice and are able to utilise extensive intellectual property, resources and ideas. All our Franchisees are encouraged to create their own learning environments for children that reflects and their local community values. As part of the CDF community, Franchisees are supported by highly experienced, professional management and operations teams who uphold and contribute to the values and philosophy of the business. They provide ongoing personal development, training, support and guidance in all operational legislation and procedural aspects of the business.

Connecting Dots Franchisees are able to focus on managing and supporting their teams and the needs of children and their families, while our Operations Managers and Support Office ensure that they are resourced and fully compliant with regulatory requirements. In addition, Educators feel supported, respected and motivated to achieve in their roles due to ongoing professional development and training opportunities, resulting in higher employee retention.


Franchisees do not necessarily need to come from an Early Childhood Learning and Care background, as we provide full training, support and mentoring. We also guide and assist Franchisees to attain qualifications and operational licences. We provide constant ongoing training and development to both Franchisees and their teams via our online and face-to-face professional development courses and resources.


Connecting Dots provides comprehensive and extensive ongoing support to Franchisees during the full term of the franchise. Each Franchisee is assigned a professional Operations Manager, who has extensive experience in the sector, to work with in the ongoing operation and growth of their business. In addition, we also provide management and support in marketing, financial budgets, site sourcing, lease negotiations and group purchasing.