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Connecting Dots Foundation offers a range of services to support, encourage and build the childcare community of professionals who provide  quality initiatives and services to professionals, the community, parents and children. Connecting Dots Foundation specializes in Early Learning and Out of School Care Consultation in the following areas:

Infant/Toddler  – Social Emotional Development within the Context of Relationships

Infant/Toddler – Responsive Routines, Environments, and Targeted Strategies to Support Social Emotional Developments in Infants and Toddlers

Infant/Toddler – Individualized Intervention with Infants and Toddlers: Determining the Meaning of Behavior and Developing Appropriate Responses

Infant/Toddler – Leadership Strategies for Supporting Children’s Social Emotional Development and Addressing Challenging Behavior

Preschool  – Promoting Children’s Success: Building Relationships and Creating Supportive Environments

Preschool – Social Emotional Teaching Strategies

Preschool – Individualized Intensive Interventions: Determining the Meaning of Challenging Behavior

Preschool – Individualized Intensive Interventions: Developing a Behavior Support Plan

Preschool – Essential Leadership Strategies for Adopting the Pyramid Model

Promoting Social and Emotional Competence of Infants and Toddlers: These modules were designed based on input gathered during focus groups with program administrators, early educators, and family members about the types and content of training that would be most useful in addressing the social emotional needs of young children. The content of the modules is consistent with evidence-based practices identified through a thorough review of the literature.

Program Start-up

Package Basic – $10,000 (150-hours over 3-4 months) includes:

Licensing – Program Plan & Policies
Help with Health, Fire & Business License
Onboarding staff (initial training, file setup)
Toys and Equipment (inventory and setup)

Our Workshops

These sessions are designed will ease in mind. Don’t go anywhere as we come to you! We bring the visuals, the materials, the paper and pens…and more…when you book an in-person team workshop with us! We engage your team with active learning activities, games and reflective discussions to get your team moving, thinking and having fun. Just let us know a date and time that works for you and we will see you there!

Professional Development Days

Professional Development Days (PDDs) can be arranged for a whole day of training and learning for your team!  PDDs can accommodate any group size, small and large. Select up to 5-6 hours of workshops to fill your day.  Just like our team workshops, we come to you! You and your team choose the topics you want! Our PDDs are great for weekend events or those amazing days that we book off during the week for professional development.  Connect with us to develop a training plan that works for you and your team!

Online Team Webinars

Team Webinars are exclusively for early childhood programs, Early ON centers and their team.

Team Webinars include:

  • LIVE Interactive Online Sessions 
  • 2 hours including time for Q & A Discussion
  • Flexible dates and times
  • Registration Required
  • Certificates of Participation
  • Handouts & Resource Packages (downloadable)
  • Access to recorded webinars for program administration
  • Minimum 6 participants
  • 30 participants (each additional participant is $25.00)
  • Follow-Up Packages:
  • Team Webinar package includes (downloadable):
  • staff goal forms
  • team meeting discussion topics
  • follow up strategies & activity extensions

Cost: $500.00 (+GST) Flat Rate Fee

All Webinars are through Zoom.